Hello minna (everyone),

This blog is initiated, just to share my humble experiences being in a foreign country. I do hope that everyone will get some benefits reading through the posts, although I cannot promise the frequency of this blog being updated (oh I am soo not a good blogger, believe me *cough*). Nevertheless, enjoy reading! :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Jalan-jalan ke Hamamatsu~

It was almost 4 years since I last met them. Yes, I promised to visit my friends Kak Ma and Abg Am and their little princess Mellisa-chan in Hamamatsu since I was doing my MSc in Malaysia even though at that time, I didn't know when it would be. But, my principle is, always keep on dreaming for the things you won't know it may come true and believe in Allah's plans. And alhamdulillah, it did come true. 

After my Nihongo class in Ikoma, I got on the subway Chuo line headed to Honmachi. Got off there and changed to Midosuji line heading to Umeda station. The station they call it Osaka City Station is super big you would ended up lost in the station. But thanks to the eki (station) staffs who kindly guided me well for me to reach the bus terminal. The bus was scheduled at 10:50 pm, and as the time came, it departed on time (the thing you would really admire and held you in awe when you are in Nihon, time management!).

Reached Hamamatsu the next morning. My friends picked me up at the eki. Was lucky to meet other Malaysians community there as they had a BBQ picnic near Tenryu that day. Had sate, nasi lemak, nasi ayam and many other delicious food.. too bad i don't have the pics for the yummylicious food there!

lovely kak ma~
mellisa-chan caught on camera!

On the next day, we went to Gotemba, which has the biggest premium outlet in Japan that has 210 stores. The crowd there was tremendous, busy doing their shopping as Golden Week sale offered the best prices until  May 6th.. got some stuffs for myself and headed back to Hamamatsu after spending almost 4 hours there..

can u see Mount Fuji there? lovely isn't it?

This visit is surely a fruitful one as I get to meet and make new friends. Advices from dai-sempai (Kak Ma and Abg Am) are very much appreciated and always kept in mind. Many thanks to the kindest hospitality kak ma, abg am, I had a great time there. See u soon in the near future!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

MyNaist Gathering

Earlier, we had a MyNaist gathering.. a group created for Malaysians studying or residing in NAIST. Initially, we planned to have a BBQ, but unfortunately the weather was not so kind to us so we opted to have it indoor instead. The dishes were marvelous, ayam (10 ekor were more than enough to make us 'tersandar' after eating!), sausage, nasi goreng, mi goreng and kek batik..

thanks lin, kek batik ni
sungguh sedap!
chicken special recipe by diyana :)
nasi goreng cendawan
mi goreng special by pey jiun &
chew theng

the pics surely made me salivating, don't u? :) by the way, thanks to all dear malaysians who made this gathering a big success, and am sure it was a nice one to start the year with. hopefully, we get to gather again in the near future.. arigatou minna!

oh yeah, it sure looks like a Hari Raya photo, isn't it? :)
p/s: thanks to abg fairuz and kak aini for the best moments nicely captured!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hanami in Nara kouen~

More pictures of hanami da yo! From uni, we went to Gakken-kita-ikoma station (eki), rode a train there, changed the train at Ikoma eki heading to Kintetsu Nara, the whole train route cost 450 yen. Many people were enjoying hanami at the park (kouen). Had a lovely lunch; fried bihun, egg sandwich and choc cake.. thank you kak aini, diyana and lin, totemo oishikatta!! and the scenery, subhanallah.. sangat cantik!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hanami desu!

Oh yeah,it's almost two weeks since I arrived here. and it is spring!! well, spring (haru) in Japan is synonym to sakura season (any other parts in the world with sakura blooming season besides Japan?) and it's only for 1-2 weeks. so here goes some of the pics i took around the uni.

Looking forward for hanami in Nara kouen (park) tomorrow!